Netropy Traffic Generation Solutions

The Apposite Traffic Generation suite of solutions delivers sophisticated performance testing for a variety of network, application, and security test scenarios.  Application and network performance can be optimised by replicating realistic network traffic to identify failure points and performance bottlenecks.


Allows users to benchmark the raw packet level performance of networks and devices with classical performance measurements

Quickly and easily assess complex network topologies by generating line rate stateless traffic and emulating millions of traffic flows. Ensure network performance, QoS policies, and resiliency at scale by stress testing under the most challenging scenarios to identify and understand performance bottlenecks in the lab before you go live.


Lets users easily validate the performance of application-aware devices and networks at scale using an extensive, pre-defined library of application flows that is continually updated by our protocol experts.

Testing of firewalls, cyber security devices and antivirus applications is achieved through the injection of malware into the network traffic.

By emulating clients, servers, and real network traffic with a variety of application mixes, you can ensure quality of service of products and quality of experience for customers.


Captures production network conditions and converts it to dynamic traffic configurations.

AppPlayback’s scalable design records and replays real-world traffic and application characteristics in the lab at scale. It delivers multi-dimensional testing for faster fault analysis and validation of architectures and devices prior to deployment.


Assesses how fast a stateful network device can establish TCP and HTTP connections for comprehensive capacity and performance testing. By emulating clients and application servers at a very high scale, SessionStrike can create millions of TCP and HTTP connections to verify the session holding capabilities of devices.

SessionStrike helps verify application and network failure points and determines how fast a stateful network device can establish TCP connections for comprehensive capacity and performance testing.